Training Programs

Training Programs:

Buhurt Classes are on:
Wednesday 6-7:30PM (Beginners)
Fridays 6-7:30PM (Beginners/Intermediate)
Saturdays 10-11:30AM (Intermediate)

We offer a range of comprehensive training programs designed to cater to different skill levels and goals. Our programs include:

Beginner’s Program: Ideal for those new to buhurt, this program focuses on fundamental techniques, basic tactics, and conditioning, introducing you to soft armor and weapons for training. Our trainers will guide you through the essentials of buhurt, ensuring a solid foundation for your progression.

Intermediate Program: For individuals with some experience in buhurt, our intermediate program aims to refine your skills and elevate your performance. Introducing steel armor into the mix, you’ll learn advanced techniques, strategy development, and teamwork, preparing you for competitive buhurt and profight matches.

Advanced Program: Designed for experienced buhurt athletes looking to push their limits, our advanced program focuses on high-level techniques, intense physical conditioning, and mental fortitude. Our trainers will work closely with you to fine-tune your skills and help you achieve your goals.

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